Alexander Ostrovoy,
Managing Partner, Aura Group of Companies (AGC)

How would you describe the cargo sector in the Middle East?
According to the recent researches, all of the freight modes in the UAE are anticipated to register positive year-on-year growth between 2019 and 2023, supported by higher oil prices that have enabled increased government spending in the UAE. This will contribute to improved economic confidence and ensure stable industry growth.
How important is the Middle East region to AGC?
AGC is a technological company offering high-end UAV solutions, so we are interested in UAV cargo segment in the first place. As for UAVs, while the UAE will continue leading drone technology developments in the region, the private sector will become more open towards integrating drones into their operations. The demand for drone technologies will come 70% from public sector applications and 30% from across commercial domain, and logistics applications will be one of the leading drone use cases in the Middle East. Therefore, we see great business opportunities in this market and believe that our pioneer solutions will help to create numerous advantages in terms of quality and availability of operations.
Can you tell us about AGC?
Being passionate about innovative technologies and the opportunities they offer to users and developers, we are an integrator of progressive solutions for such areas as logistics and transportation, agriculture, geophysics and many other. The scientific and technical background and competence allow us to work on innovative projects with the goal of creating unmanned aerial vehicles aimed at solving multiple tasks in various industries. We developed UAVs that have already passed more than 2000 hours of flight tests. We have more than 100 original solutions in construction, algorithms and organizational approach to provide the best quality at a competitive price.
AGC is a new entrant to the Middle East market.  What response has the market had to your UAV so far? 
At this stage, we are just entering the market, so most market players are not familiar with the product so far. We are planning to make a full-fledged presentation of our pioneer product at Dubai AirShow to highlight all its advantages and unique features. As for further development in the market, our aim is not limited to production of the UAV, as it also implies establishment of a comprehensive worldwide business network covering each and every aspect of UAS activities: research, manufacture, maintenance, training centers, commercial operations, certification and regulation, media and promotion, as well as users and operators support.  
What do you consider the main opportunities and challenges currently facing the cargo industry in the Middle East?
With the rapid development of e-commerce, cargo industry faces a number of unique challenges, albeit in a sector filled with opportunity. Given that there is substantial support from regulators and the public sector, constant modernization and refinement of shipping channels, integration of next-generation technology and comprehensive safety and security measures, the global cargo industry will continue to enjoy constant growth and prosperity. The following areas of focus are essential for the cargo industry to move ahead: safety and security, industry management, business transformation, and, visibility and digitization.
How is AGC in particular preparing to meet these opportunities and challenges?
All the areas of focus mentioned above can be ensured by UAV integration, either as a separate transportation means or as a segment in the automated delivery chain. Industry 4.0 is one of the major drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is the current trend of automation and data exchange in all technologies. For the Middle East, industrialization presents great opportunity and has a future. Innovative technologies pave the way for new business models and value producing opportunities. Automation in cargo industry is one of the cornerstones that will help businesses to meet the challenges of the growing market, so UAVs are essential for its further prosperous development.
Why is it important for AGC to support Cargo Connect?
Cargo Connect is the exhibition’s dedicated feature area where international industry experts will gather to discuss the vision of the cargo industry and the UAE as a strategic hub. Airlines, airport authorities, freight forwarders and expediting companies along with vendors will attend this focused exhibition area, so it is a great opportunity for AGC to make connections, share its vision as well as learn more about the market from other participants of the pavilion.
Can you give us an overview of what you will be presenting at Cargo Connect 2019?
At Cargo Connect 2019 we are excited to present AURA 100, which is our pioneer project. Thanks to its endurance and high operational take-off weight of hundreds of kilograms, AURA 100 is a safe and effective multifunctional solution that brings great benefits to market users. We invite all the visitors of Dubai AirShow to our stand 1761 to see our new product and learn more about its advantages.

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